First House

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18 clients who want to live in the residential area. The design of the house is asked for by one of the inside. I assume a lifestyle from the profile of the client and suggest living “only by the” person. Even if I make much of that I am concerned with a neighborhood and an outside person positively to have you enjoy a piano or making earthenware more, and the family who is diversified tastes in an aspect of living spends it where, I suggest the lifestyle that I confirm moderately each other’s existence and seem to toss. I assume the living with the liberation-like colonnade facing the garden the center of the life conducting wire and can feel a connection even if a family is in which room by locating other rooms to surround it. The ceramic art relations of the client establish the exclusive annex, and it is with a plan to be able to spend a substantial lifestyle together in the time for everyday life and hobby.


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『First House』 データ
建ぺい率:40% 容積率:60%
高度地区:10m 敷地面積:300㎡
建築面積:119.75㎡ 床面積:172.35㎡