K・U・A・D Another Space

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There should not be it in the parking space of the Kyoto formative arts university and designed the open space with the function newly. I thought about a style of this school, the scene of the circumference to do what the thing which was not enough within study was comfortably what was need and designed the open space that was necessary for us. There is the open space that can perform events in this school, but I have been already used by display and am often troubled with the place. I thought that there were few free open spaces for a university of fine arts, and an event performed it in this place and thought so that the trainer established the open space that seemed to be enriched newly in usual times. The coexistence of the making of space and the making of to calm down space with the movement thought to usually correspond to a messenger at the time of an event that necessary. A curtain of water locates running Wood deck in the center of the site and greatly divides land in two and will have two levels of structure. Using pitch differences and deck leader, I give the site small movement, and it is with the moderate plan that I use it in an event, usual times by balancing and can use together of “static” and “move”.


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『K・U・A・D Another Space』データ
計画地:京都造形芸術大学 駐輪場
採用樹種:桜、エゴの木、ハナミズキ、 ケヤキ