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HEXAGON CHAIRは軽さと美しさを追求したスツール。気軽に持ち運べ、座る事はもちろん、花やちょっとした小物を置くなど、部屋のインテリアのアクセントとして使用出来る様設計した。脚は六角錐の骨組みを上下で噛み合わせた構造で、座面には脚と同じ角材をはめ込む事で、脚、座面、背もたれが一つの構造体で繋がっている様なデザインである。


The stool that HEXAGON CHAIR pursued lightness and beauty. Carried it willingly and, not to mention sitting down, employed a flower and a rather famous petty person and designed it to be able to use it as an accent of the interior of the room. Six angles of legs are the structure that engaged the framework of the drill in top and bottom, and a leg, a bearing surface, the back are the designs which seem to be connected by one structure body by fitting squared lumber same as a leg in the bearing surface.


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