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3 SPACE DESKは3人分のパーソナルスペースを確保した最小の机である。
人は無意識のうちに、他人との間に距離を取り、快適な空間を保とする。この個人的な空間の事を「パーソナル・スペース」と言う。この机はその距離感に基づいて構成する事で、他者同士が同じ机でも自然と集まれやすくなるよう設計した。3辺に座った人同士の距離は1200mm。 相手の表情が読み取れるギリギリの距離である。脚のアシンメトリーなデザインは座る人のポジションをずらし 三方の視線をずらす効果がある。この”距離感”と3辺の”視線のずれ”が他者同士にとって居心地の良い空間を作り出す。


“Partition Display”

“I finish doing it” An exhibition of を theme and the furniture which I did. As “do it drill” which furniture has anything read each meaning, and did the function in form, and the furniture of a viewpoint new at all was born. I realized it by supplier ordering and a handmade product, various methods and became the exhibition of marked.

3 SPACE DESK is the smallest desks which secured the personal space for three.
The person takes distance between another person unconsciously and assumes comfortable space 保. This personal space is called “personal space”. I designed this desk so that others became easy to be able to gather with nature on the same desk by constituting it based on the sense of distance. Distance between the people who sat down to three sides is 1,200mm. It is the last-minute distance that the expression of the partner can read. The asymmetric design of the leg is effective in moving the position of a person sitting down, and moving eyes of Mikata. This “sense of distance” and gap “of three sides of” eyes create comfortable space for others.


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『3space desk 』データ

表面材:メイプル化粧板 厚4mm 3×6 3枚
芯材:MDF 厚21mm 3×6 2枚
裏面材:しな合板 厚4mm 3×6 2枚
小口:メイプル小口テープ 幅29mm
仕上げ:osmo/color ノーマルクリア